Eggplant Wizard

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Eggplant Wizard
Nasubi Tsukai
Eggplantwiz artwork.png
First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Latest Appearance:

NES Remix 2 (2014)

Affiliation(s): Underworld Army, Orcos
Enemy Type: Grounded

The Eggplant Wizard (ナスビ使い Nasubi Tsukai) is the one monster to truly strike fear into the heart of a Kid Icarus player. Plutons are nought but a minor nuisance compared to this fiend. The Eggplant Wizard garners as much hate from old-school gamers as the Red Arremer from the "Ghouls 'n Ghosts 'n Goblins" series, the birds from Ninja Gaiden, Metroids from Metroid, the Thief Bot from Descent II, Hammer Bros. from Super Mario Bros., and Death from Castlevania. It's one of the very few enemies to possess a projectile attack. However, it's not because the Eggplant Wizard has fierce attack power (it doesn't) or high evasion (it's trudgingly slow), though it is one of the few foes to have a high amount of health. No, this creature is feared for one reason:

It turns Pit into an ambulatory aubergine. Eggplant Pit.gif

Pit's body becomes that of a purple eggplant with legs, disabling all forms of action and attack. Pit retains his ability to jump, climb, and move (moving while crouching is particularly hilarious), but all he can do is dodge. The Eggplant Wizard causes this status effect by hitting Pit with an arcing eggplant projectile; the Wizard is rather crafty at throwing these nasty little vegetables.


The Wizard is perhaps a vegetative creature, like Holer and Daphne. Tall, cloaked, and wielding a staff, it's an imposing magic-user, but they are not agile by any means. Like so many other creatures in Angel Land, the Wizard has a single, large eye. As one of the few Underworld creatures that is capable of utilizing magic attacks, this enemy is widely known for the mystical eggplant talisman hanging from its staff. Unusual to most weapon-wielders of this type, the Eggplant Wizard actually holds this staff with its left hand, although it still uses its right hand to launch its magical attacks. Even at close range, the monster can still put up a challenging fight by using its staff for melee combat. It is these dangerous qualities that make Eggplant Wizards such high-ranking members of Medusa's army, and are therefore often assigned to guard valuable locations such as fortresses.


Kid Icarus


Eggplant Wizards guard Fortresses, becoming more numerous with each subsequent fortress, and often in deadly pairs. When Pit enters a room that they occupy, they will cast their eggplants in either high or low arcs. The duo will both throw in the same way and walking out of the room and back into it will most likely change the arc style, making it a bit easier to avoid being cursed; two Wizards can provide excellent cover for each other. This condition can only be cured by getting to a Hospital, where a friendly Nurse will remove the curse. Being turned into an eggplant, no matter how painful it looks or the stomach-twistingly pathetic sound it makes when Pit is cursed, causes only minor damage.

Eggplant Wizard.gif

Manual Description

An inhabitant of the fortresses. It places a spell on Pit turn him into an eggplant. In order to break the spell, Pit must go to the fortress hospital.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
10 2 10 300

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters


Fortress bosses won't appear in their chambers if Pit's been cursed. Being cursed comes with one "small" advantage; since Pit is now at a reduced size, he can run underneath enclosures that he normally wouldn't be able to fit through.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
6 10

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Eggplant Wizards return in Kid Icarus: Uprising as an uncommon enemy on grounded segments. Similar to previous appearances, the Eggplant Wizard will throw eggplants in an arching shot that explode in a magical cloud on contact with the ground; both the cloud and the eggplant itself will transform Pit, but being hit with the eggplant directly will inflict damage as well. When Pit is turned into an eggplant, he cannot use weapons but can still run and dodge. Unlike the previous games, the eggplant effects will vanish after a period of time, or if the Effect Recovery Power is equipped, it can be used to return to normal immediately. When fighting Pit, the Eggplant Wizard teleports out of Pit's reach (usually leaving an eggplant behind as a trap), making melee attacks difficult to use against him.

Idol Description

Those hit by eggplants thrown by the Eggplant Wizard are turned into, well, eggplants. Pit can't attack in this state, and the only cure is time. So you'd best vamoose if you don't want to end up baba ghanoush.

Other Appearances

Captain N: The Game Master

Eggplant Wizard was one of Mother Brain's lieutenants, next to King Hippo of Punch-Out!! fame in Captain N: The Game Master. He would immediately spout fruit and vegetables when agitated or hurt, and often used them for outlandish purposes (such as a banana phone).

NES Remix 2

Eggplant Wizards appear as enemies in the Kid Icarus challenge.



  • The Eggplant Wizard is truly one of the strangest and most puzzling characters in the Kid Icarus series. Apparently it was inspired by Kid Icarus's creator, Toru Osawa, and his "passion for eggplants", combined with the design of the Eggplant Man from Wrecking Crew, and to celebrate his summer bonus.[1]



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