Fiend's Cauldron

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Official artwork of the Fiend's Cauldron.

The Fiend's Cauldron, known in Japan as Devil's Kettle (悪魔の釜 Akuma no Kama), is a system that lets you choose your difficulty by offering a certain amount of Hearts in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It appears at the start of every stage and the higher the intensity, the more enemies appear, the higher health they have and the more aggressive they become. But on the other hand, the higher intensity you set it to, the better chance you have of getting more hearts and better weapons. The lowest intensity on the Fiend's Cauldron is 0.0 and the highest is 9.0. 2.0 is the standard difficulty and costs no hearts. Lowering or increasing the difficulty from 2.0 makes you spend or bet more hearts. Retreating will make you lose those hearts, and has a chance of "dropping" weapons the player achieves in the chapter.

  • 0.0- Effortless
  • 1.0- Easy
  • 2.0- Standard
  • 3.0- Tougher
  • 4.0- Challenging
  • 5.0- Heatin' Up
  • 6.0- Extra Spicy
  • 7.0- Infernal
  • 8.0- White Hot
  • 9.0- Nothing Harder!



  • If the player continuously taps the Fiend's Cauldron on the touch screen before moving out to battle, the cauldron will become annoyed and eventually turn away.
  • This works similarly to the Fiend Scale in SSB4: 0.0--> 9.0 scale, spend gold to change difficulty from 2.0, the standard difficulty, even the same names for the various levels of difficulty.