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The Power icons chosen by Pit in Land Battle.

Powers are new mechanics introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are abilities created by Palutena that grant Pit special effects or perform even more powerful attacks during Land Battles. They show up on the lower left corner of the touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS. They can be activated by either touching the power icons, or using the D-Pad (default controls). Players can have a limited number of different powers at a time, but most can be used more than once. Before battle, players can make their own various sets of powers using the power pieces on a grid, or allow Palutena to randomly fill them up. Rarer and higher level powers take up more space on the grid. Powers can also be utilized in Together Mode, and a few are exclusive to that mode. Powers can be found inside Treasure Boxes or as rewards after a match in Together Mode. Some powers must be be unlocked by satisfying objectives on Treasure Hunt.

If the player obtain all powers in the game, it will reveal the illustration of Pit and Medusa.


Name Type Effect Uses Icon

Sky Jump

Movement The user leaps high into they air making opportunity to attack from above. 4/6/8/10 Miracle jump.png

Rocket Jump

Movement The user propels him or herself upwards using an explosion that can damage nearby enemies. 2/4/6/8 Power rocket.png

Jump Glide

Movement User jumps high into the air, then glides for a short period of time. 2/4/6/8 ???

Angelic Missile

Movement The user bashes the foe head-on with great force like a charging missile. 2/3/4/5 Miracle rocket.png

Super Speed

Movement The user sprints quickly for a limited amount of time, and is able to knock out enemies in the way. 2/3/4/5 Miracle sprint.png


Movement The user is immediately warped to a random respawn point on the field. Together Mode only. ?/?/?/5 Warp power.png

Idol Transformation

Attack Transforms enemies with low health into their corresponding Idols. Only works on Solo at Intensity level 2.0 or higher. 10 ???

Mega Laser

Attack The user fires a straight and powerful beam at foes. 2/3/4/5 Miracle dash.png

Explosive Flame

Attack The user creates a large explosion that does massive damage to all enemies nearby. 3/3/3/3 Miracle splode.png

Black Hole

Attack Creates a black hole that pulls enemies towards the center. 2/2/2/2

Meteor Shower

Attack The user summons meteors from the heavens that hurts anyone that are hit by them. 2/3/4 Miracle comet.png

Land Mine

Attack Plants an invisible bomb that detonates when walked on. 2/4/6

Reflect Barrier

Attack Puts up a shield that deflects projectile attacks back at opponents. 1/2/3/4 Power barrier.png

Heavenly Light

Attack A power that surrounds the user in glowing light. Any enemy that is in range will take steady damage. 2/2/2/2 ???


Attack Sacrifices all health to create a massive explosion. Together Mode only. 1/1/1/1


Enhance Allows the user to automatically target enemies when attacking. 3/3/3 ???

Weak-Point Reticle

Enhance Attacks will target enemies' weak points automatically. Solo Mode only. 2/2/2

Quick Charge

Enhance Shortens the charge time of weapons. 2/3/4/5 ???

Homing Boost

Enhance Improves the homing ability of shots. 2/3/4 ???

Slip Shot

Enhance Allows the user to shoot through solid objects, such as walls. 2/3/4 Power bullet.png

Invisible Shots

Enhance Makes the user's shots invisible. 1/2/3

Random Effect

Enhance The user is given a random status effect to his attacks, allowing Eggplant & Tempura attacks for Together Mode, or Instant death attacks for Solo Mode. 3/3/3/3 ???

Poison Attack

Enhance Attacks may poison enemies. 2/3/4

Paralyze Attack

Enhance Attacks may paralyze enemies. 2/3/4

Weaken Attack

Enhance Attack may halve the enemy's health in half. Together Mode only. 2/3/4

Spin Attack

Enhance Attack may cause the enemy to spin around uncontrollably. Together Mode only. 2/3/4

Petrify Attack

Enhance Attacks have a chance of turning the enemy to stone for a short period of time. 2/3/4

Shake Attack

Enhance Attacks have a chance of causing shakiness in the enemy for a short period of time. 2/3/4

Confuse Attack

Enhance Attacks may cause enemy to become confused, making them fire and move randomly. 2/3/4

Burn Attack

Enhance Attacks may burn the enemy. 2/3/4

Freeze Attack

Enhance Attacks may freeze the opponent for a short period of time. 2/3/4

Instant Death Attack

Enhance Attacks may kill enemies instantly. Solo Mode only. 1/2/3

Eggplant Attack

Enhance Attacks may turn opponents into eggplants, preventing them from attacking. Together Mode only. 2/3/4 Miracle eggplant.png

Tempura Attack

Enhance Attacks may turn opponents into tempura, preventing them from attacking and causing them to lose stamina quickly. Together Mode only. 2/3/4 Tempura attack.PNG

Power Thief

Enhance Melee attacks may take opponents' powers. Together Mode only. 2/2/2/2

Energy Charge

Enhance Builds up energy and increases attack power until hit, or until the effect wears off. 1/2/3/4

Libra Sponge

Enhance The user's attacks grow stronger as he takes more damage. One of the Zodiac Weapons, it is found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 14 that is hidden behind an electric barrier in the room that leads to Phosphora. 1/1/1/1 ???


Debuff Blind the target temporarily. Those afflicted will only see a black screen and the Power's symbol. Together Mode only. 2/3/4/5 Power darkness.png


Debuff Places a beacon that makes enemies near it unable to use their powers or see your current health. Together Mode only. 2/3/4


Debuff Places a virus that simultaneously weakens and paralyzes all enemies near it. Together Mode only. 1/2/3 Power virus.png

Super Armor

Buff Increases defensive strength and prevents user from being knocked back. 1/2/3/4 ???

Brief Invincibility

Buff Provides very short immunity to all attacks. 2/3/4 ???


Buff Prevents the user from tiring out. 1/2/3 Power endurance.png


Buff Makes user faster and prevents them from tiring out, but lowers their defense. 2/2/2/2 ???


Buff Takes nearly all the user's health and increases all stats. Duration depends on the amount of health the user has. 1/1/1/1 ???

Aries Armor

Buff Reduces damage, prevents knockback, and heavily resists all status conditions. One of the Zodiac Weapons, it is found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 18 that is accessed from a path to the left of the Hot Springs in Magnus' segment. 2/2/2/2 ???


Buff Dodges attacks by teleporting around the enemy who targeted you. 1/2/3


Buff When attacked you will automatically retaliate. Also prevents knockback. 1/2/3 ???


Buff Allows the user to turn invisible temporarily. 2/3/4/5 ???

Playing Dead

Buff Allows the user to trick opponents with their death animation, turning invisible for the duration of the power and protecting them from harm until the user attacks. 2/2/2 Power playdead.png

Heart Booster

Buff Increase the amount of Hearts earned from defeating enemies. Solo Mode only. 2/3/4/5 ???

Health Recovery

Recovery Heals the user's HP by a small amount. 3/3/3/3 Miracle 01.png

Crisis Recovery

Recovery Takes the user out of crisis mode. 1/2/3 ???

Effect Recovery

Recovery Heals the character of any status effects such as poison and paralysis. 3/4/5 Power status.png

Pisces Heal

Recovery When taking lethal damage, the user is automatically healed by the same amount of damage that would normally be inflicted by the fatal attack. One of the Zodiac Weapons, it is found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 24 by heading down the stairs in the area with the first trial. 1/1/1/1 (2/2/2/2 in Together) ???

Item Vacuum

Item Draws all nearby items to the user. Together Mode only. 1/2/3/4

Throwing Boost

Item Homing ability and distance of thrown items (such as Grenades) are enhanced. 1/2/3

Double Item

Item Doubles the effectiveness of items, including Food. 1/2/3/4

Celestial Firework

Miscellaneous Celebrate Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air. 5/10 ???

Fortune's Jukebox

Miscellaneous Changes the background music for the user only. 2/4 ???


Miscellaneous Activates any other power at random. 2/4/6/8


  • This is the first time in the series' history that a character besides the Eggplant Wizard can use his attack.