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Hey there. Is there something wrong with the wiki? All of the pages are blank! I can't see anything! 15:47, 9 August 2015 (MDT)

Uhh... did something happen? 15:33, 11 August 2015 (MDT)

Wiki is in the process of being updated, please bear with us. --Starphoria (C·E) 13:43, 11 August 2015 (MDT)

Anything KI:U you need me to do?

I am new to this wiki, but I spend WAAAAAAYY to much time on KI:U. Is there anything you want me to do related to Uprising? Zyngard (talk) 07:50, 18 November 2015 (MST)

Hi Zyngard. Welcome to Icaruspedia, glad to have another person join this wiki. And there's plenty you can do related to KI:U. There's lots of weapon's that need stats filling in. Some articles for items and locations also need to made, AR card articles need plenty of work as well, and it's also always nice to have better and high quality images for articles that lack them. Also, remember to use "~~~~" when commenting. 14:53, 2 November 2015 (MST)
Umm, I'm trying to create a page for the "recovery orbs" but the site won't let me. Do you know why that is? Zyngard (talk) 07:54, 18 November 2015 (MST)
Hi Zyngard, welcome to the wiki! Have you verified your account yet? I think we block page creation for non-verified accounts to prevent spam-bots from taking over (again). In case that doesn't fix the problem, I created the Recovery Orb page for you, so you should be able to edit it. - Kirbman 19:03, 19 November 2015 (MST)

Vandalism Report

Hey RicketyTrigger. The Juggernaut page was vandalized by a user named Notcurlybrace. I undid the vandalism, but you might wanna do something about him. PhantomHeartless5 (talk) 23:32, 9 November 2016 (MST)

Sorted, thanks for the catch! Toast Wii U U.pngltimatumSwadloon.png 13:21, 14 November 2016 (MST)