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In Kid Icarus: Uprising, players can access a large arsenal of weapons, from which one can be chosen before each stage or match. Every weapon has melee and ranged attacks, as well as charged and rapid fire attacks. Individual weapons also have different values and bonuses. Players can find more powerful weapons by playing the single player mode on higher difficulties. In addition, each weapon has a special attack that can clear the screen of most enemies, although they can only be used during flight. These attacks are represented by blue orbs at the bottom left of the touchscreen.


  • Blade - A balanced, user-friendly weapon.
  • Staff - Fire shots that are ideal for sniping.
  • Claws - Move faster but with limited reach.
  • Bow - Fire guided arrows at high speed.
  • Palm - Fire homing shots from the palm of your hand.
  • Club - Fire powerful charged shots instead of continuous fire.
  • Cannon - Envelop enemies in explosive rounds.
  • Orbitars - Fire two separate shots designed for ranged attacks.
  • Arm - Improve melee performance but limit attack range.

Acquiring Weapons

Players start the game with only a First Blade. Other weapons can be acquired through the following methods:

  • Rewards in Solo Mode
  • Rewards in Together Mode
  • Purchased in the Arms Altar
  • Fusing two existing weapons
  • Fusing two weapon gems
  • Converting one weapon gem
  • Completing certain Treasure Hunt challenges

Unlocking Weapons

Most weapons are unlocked from the start, but others must be unlocked through one of the following means:

A fusion chart for the general class of a weapon.


Players can fuse two different weapons to form a new weapon. Gems can also be fused for the same purpose. Melee strength, ranged strength, and weapon modifiers are determined by the parent weapons, although not all will necessarily be preserved. The chart on the right is a simple reference to which types of weapons create what.

The resulting weapon type can be determined by adding the index of each parent weapon, and subtracting 12 if that value is greater than 12. The resulting weapon will have that value as its index, and be of the category shown by the chart to the right.

Blade Staff Claws Bow Palm Club Cannon Orbitar Arm
1 First Insight Tiger Fortune Violet Ore EZ Standard Crusher 1
2 Burst Orb Wolf Silver Burning Babel Ball Guardian Compact 2
3 Viper Rose Bear Meteor Needle Skyscraper Predator Shock Electroshock 3
4 Crusader Knuckle Brawler Divine Midnight Atlas Poseidon Eyetrack Volcano 4
5 Royal Ancient Stealth Darkness Cursed Earthmaul Fireworks Fairy Drill 5
6 Optical Lancer Hedgehog Crystal Cutter Ogre Rail Paw Pad Bomber 6
7 Samurai Flintlock Raptor Angel Pudgy Halo Dynamo Jetstream Bowl 7
8 Bullet Somewhat Artillery Hawkeye Ninja Black Doom Boom End-All 8
9 Aquarius Scorpio Cancer Sagittarius Virgo Capricorn Leo Gemini Taurus 9
10 Aurum Laser Beam Aurum Aurum Aurum Sonic Aurum Upperdash 10
11 Palutena Dark Pit Viridi Palutena Viridi Hewdraw Twinbellows Centurion Kraken 11
12 Gaol Thanatos Pandora Phosphora Great Reaper Magnus Cragalanche Arlon Phoenix 12


Certain exceptions to the above rules exist:

Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Actual Result Expected Result
First Blade Centurion Orbitars Palutena Bow Great Reaper Palm
Samurai Blade Earthmaul Club Arlon Orbitars Thanatos Staff
Rose Staff Eyetrack Orbitars Samurai Blade Halo Club
Knuckle Staff End-All Arm Gaol Blade Arlon Orbitars
Somewhat Staff Virgo Palm Upperdash Arm Fireworks Cannon
Dark Pit Staff Fortune Bow Palutena Blade Phoenix Arm
Stealth Claws Violet Palm Rail Cannon Bomber Arm
Hedgehog Claws Ogre Club Great Reaper Palm Phosphora Bow
Angel Bow Phosphora Bow Viridi Palm Dynamo Cannon
Angel Bow Drill Arm Centurion Orbitars Gaol Blade
Cursed Palm Ball Cannon Black Club Samurai Blade
Pudgy Palm Fireworks Cannon Phoenix Arm Gaol Blade
Ogre Club Rail Cannon Dark Pit Staff Arlon Orbitars
Shock Orbitars Volcano Arm Dynamo Cannon Pudgy Palm